Sunday, March 23, 2014


Here are a few pics from our recent Disney vacation!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

EVLT Review

I searched and searched before my procedure and there doesn't seem to be too many firsthand accounts of Endovenus Laser Treatment / Therapy.  Lots of questions and promotions for it, but not many real reviews or details about the procedure.

First of all let me say to anyone who stumbles upon this post looking for a review of EVLT:  it's not that bad.

I can't say anything about the results yet, but the procedure itself was nothing.

I was nervous.  Very, very nervous.  I knew I had experienced worse than this was going to be, but that didn't calm my nerves.  Thankfully they loaded me up with Xanax, so I was in La La Land.

It went like this:

Since it was cold, the ultrasound showed my vein was too small when I arrived.  I got to lay with a heating pad on my thigh since heat enlarges veins.  They spread something on my thigh also to speed the process.  After about 45 minutes, it was time.  The nurse washed down my leg with a sterile solution. They covered me with sterile drapes and taped my hands to them so I couldn't move much. I had to wear protective eye glasses.  I haven't a clue how many injections of lidocaine they gave me.  The first two I felt, after that nothing.  It was probably 10-12.  Then they inserted a sheath or (something or other) into the vein and put something liquid in it.  I might feel it they said - coolness.  I felt nothing.  Then came the laser fiber insertion, and I felt that.  It wasn't pain, just pressure and sharp, but mild discomfort.  And I only felt it way up high in the crease of my leg.  They did a test of the laser and said if I felt anything to let them know.. not to wait because it would get worse and it would be very, very bad.  I felt nothing.  GO time.  I felt a slow tugging sensation as they pulled out the fiber.  Strangest of all, I could taste the burning.  The doctor said it usually tasted like an ash tray, but it reminded me of those cap guns from my childhood.  Smoky gunpowder. I don't even know if they still make them... but it was little circles of gun powder and the gun's hammer would hit the tabs and make them POP.  This tasted just like that smelled for about 2-3 minutes.....  and then it was gone.

A pressure bandage was put on and then the nurse helped me squeeze into the 30/40 thigh high compression stocking.  I had to wear it continuously for 48 hours, then daily for the next 3 weeks.  I took three 200mg Motrin.  My clothes were wet so I changed.  Clint drove me home and I slept most of the day.

The day after...  pain wise is about a 2.  It's more of a sore feeling in my inner thigh and if I move certain ways I feel it more.  I'm walking around, just very slowly. If I do too much, I feel it.  My leg is bruised and I can't really say I see or feel any improvement yet. I go back to the doctor Monday.

Here's to hoping I'm back to leading a normal life.... soon.


UPDATE:  1/20/14:  I had a follow up this morning.  The ultrasound looked good the dr. said.  They wanted to know if I had noticed any improvement.  It's really hard to say --  maybe slightly.  Very slightly.  With the tight stockings and the soreness from the procedure, it's impossible to tell.  I can still see my veins but they are flat, but that could just be from the stockings.  My insurance approved sclerotherapy also, but as of now my dr. said nothing else needs to be done.  I go back in a month.  So I wait some more.

1/22 & 1/23:  I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes.  On speed 1, and it was too fast.  I would have slowed it down even more if I could have.  I think I over did it because the next morning the pain was ten times worse.  I read somewhere that day 5-8 would be worse.  They weren't kidding.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Waiting for nothing.

I've done my best to be a patient patient.  At the follow up for my leg issue on December 4th, the receptionist told me that Blue Cross of Texas was very slow to send approvals.  Three weeks she had said, so I was prepared to wait that long.  With Christmas and New Year's, I prepared myself to wait until after the new year.  That was fine by me because by paying my deductible in January, I'm set for the year should any other medical issues arise.  I toughed out all the walking during the holidays at Celebration in the Oaks and the Audubon Zoo.  Walking around the mall and taking the kids to Christmas activities around town.  I waited every day for a phone call or a letter in the mail saying approved or the dreaded denied, and nothing ever came.

Yesterday was the first day back to school, so I decided I had waited long enough.  I got on the phone and called Blue Cross.  I punched in all the numbers and went through all the steps to get a live person on the phone.  She looked up my info and said that member services was handling this and transferred me.  I again went through all the button pushing only to end up with a message saying they were closed.  (huh?)  I did what I had to do for the day, and called back later in the morning.  The automated system kept cutting out on me, so it took a few tries.  Eventually I got to live person number two.  To my dismay, she tells me there is nothing on file.  Nothing pending for me.

Nothing.  No pre-authorizations at all.

I dialed my doctor's office and the receptionist couldn't believe it.  She had the confirmation and had faxed the documents to Blue Cross on December 9th.  She had even stamped it "urgent" and that it needed to be done before the end of 2013.  Somehow on Blue Cross' end, they lost my paperwork.  While on the phone with me, she wrote them a note that this had been sent a month ago, and re-faxed the approval documents.

I cried and cried yesterday afternoon.  All of this time I had been thinking this was almost over.  Four months of being limited on how much I can walk will be behind me.  Soon it would be fixed and I'd be on my way to being better.  Not that I am all that thrilled about being cut on, but it's the only way out of this....   So I cried all afternoon with no end in sight.

BUT today...  Oh today!!!  This morning right at 8:30 my phone rang.  My approval had come through.  Wow... all of these weeks of waiting and in less than 24 hours it was APPROVED!!  Pre-op is next Tuesday and my procedure is Thursday.  I'm terrified as can be but relieved to finally have moved in the right direction.  In trying to look on the bight side, at least with the delay my deductible for 2014 will be met.

To be continued......

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 - out with the old, in with the new

NYE at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, LA

Since we had a very, very late night we all slept in this morning.  It was 10:30 when I woke up, which is unheard of for me.  Both girls didn't get up until after noon and are very cranky today.  Our schedule is all mixed up and I foresee Monday is going to be difficult when it's back to school.  Clint cooked us a New Year's dinner of roast, cabbage rolls, and black eyed peas.  Gotta try for that promised money and luck!  I had planned to start packing up Christmas today, but I haven't gotten past moving a few knick nacks off the piano.  Maybe later I'll drag in a few totes and start to pack up.  Maybe not.  There's always tomorrow....   My Mom was one who had Christmas put away by 4pm on December 25.  I can't say I blame her! I am so ready to get my house back in order!!

One of my goals every January is to de-clutter.  I usually do pretty good for a while then all is lost.  This year though, I think I am going to make a schedule and do one room a week.  In ten weeks I should have every room done, except for Clint's office (big no-no) and the garage.  The garage is on a whole different level.  We already had a lot of stuff stored in there, then we had to empty my parents' house.  Some things I just could not part with and so many things I didn't know what to do with, so in the garage it went.  Totes and boxes and just stuff.  Maybe I can make the garage Clint's goal.  Ha Ha.

I hope to go back to the gym.  I will go back next week, but I am so limited on what I can do right now. The break has been nice and I haven't gained any weight, but I need to get back to my routine.  Gym time makes me happy, and lately... well, I need my happy place.  It's so frustrating to have the desire to do something and physically I can't.  Healthy eating also went out of the window, so I need to get back on track.  I should be hearing from my insurance company any day now about the procedure I need on my leg.  Once my leg is better I'll be able to resume normal activity.  Our Disney trip is looming also, and with the issues I have walking and standing, I can't help but worry about affecting our trip.....    Guess I'll cross that bridge when it gets here.

On this last Holdailies post, I leave you with a bang...   Here's a small peek at midnight festivities here in Bayou Blue, Louisiana.  Thanks to all who stopped by over the last 32 days!!!  I enjoyed participating this year and look forward to next!

May 2014 be your year....

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Farewell 2013... and Holidailies....

What a great New Year's Eve!

We spent the day at the Audubon Zoo with friends for the Noon Year's Eve countdown.  What fun!!   The girls had a great time, even in the cold and rain.

I can remember being very young wanting to stay awake until midnight thinking that I'd see something spectacular when the clock struck twelve.  At most, we'd hear a few firecrackers and loud noisemaker horns from the party at the KC Hall up the road.  I can remember a time when the last thing I wanted to do was stay home on New Year's Eve. My friends and I would head out of town - New Orleans or Lafayette.  Fun times!!  I felt as if I had to go out or it was the end of the world.  Oh, there were years when I did stay home and felt like I was missing out on something spectacular.  I wasn't.

Now, the last thing I want to do is be on the road.  I'd rather build a fire, roast marshmallows, and pop fireworks in my driveway with my family.  There is no where better or no one better that I'd rather ring in the new year with than my family.  That is just what was on the agenda for tonight.  We made a fire, roasted hot dogs, and marshmallows.  Then we visited with neighbors and popped fireworks for hours.  I have completely lost my voice, partially from being sick and spending all day out in the cold.  It's been a long day!!  Let's see who can last until midnight - me or the kids?!?

Tomorrow also wraps up the 2013 edition of Holidailies.  I skipped a few days, but I guess I didn't do too badly over all.   Hope some of y'all stick around for a while.

Now it's back to my regularly unscheduled postings!!

Happy 2014 y'all.

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