Friday, August 22, 2014

Five minute Friday

This week's five minute Friday prompt is change.


Anyone who knows me knows that I do not like change.  I like familiar routines and familiar places.  It was a big change when we married to move away from the only home I had known.  As exciting as it was, it was challenging.  Then we built our house and eventually the kids came along.  Whoa - big changes!!  It was good changes, but it was and adjustment.  And adjust we did.  Now, once again big changes are on the horizon.  I admit, it is exciting in a way.   In my younger days, going somewhere new and starting fresh would have been a dream come true!  Now, we are more settled and have ties here that will be tough to break.  It's the girls I worry most about.  It's one thing to have family that is a permanent part of your life. No matter where you go, family will always be family.   Pretty much every one we know falls into a different category and it does seem unfair to break those ties.  Few make the effort living just miles away, so even fewer will make the effort as the distance grows.  This upcoming change will definitely be a test for all of us!